Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My home churches

The new parish church of St. Julian's
These are the two churches where most probably I will be celebrating Masses over the next few weeks and months. They are my home parish churches of St Julian's, the older one known as Lapsi (Ascension) church, and the new one built in 1969, a modern church built to serve the growing community of St Julian's. As I will be leaving the USA on Thursday, there may not be any posts over the next few days and weeks. Hopefully I can continue this blog from Malta. If not, I will start another blog and I will give you the new address at that time.
The old Lapsi church decorated for Christmas in 2010



  1. God's blessings in your new adventure. Beautiful churches in beautiful historic Malta. Looking forward to following your successful blog that offers information, encouragement and inspiration.... thank you!

  2. God speed and safe travels my friend! Looking forward to hearing of your new adventures.

  3. God bless you and yours. Looking forward to new Blog!

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