Friday, March 1, 2013

Lenten reflections

"The Crucified" by Maltese artist John Martin Borg.
Although the last two weeks of February have been overshadowed by the last few days of our Pope-Emeritus, we are still on our Lenten journey, and a few reflections are appropriate, before the conclave starts to elect the new Pope. Our focus should always be Christ, in particular the suffering and crucified Christ, on whose image we will be meditating over the next month. Last year during Lent I shared with you many reflections on the Passion of Christ during Lent, and you can always look back at past posts posted during March and April 2012. The last tweet that Pope Benedict gave to the people following his Tweeter account was very significant “May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ in the center of your lives.” May we take this tweet to heart and eventually experience every joy possible by looking at Jesus inside of us, where He will reside forever, in the center of our lives.

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  1. What an amazing painting! Redemption and Resurrection Life at the Cross... so great a salvation. Thanks Fr Julian for sharing such a tremendous reflection through this unique piece of artwork.