Monday, March 25, 2013

Last Supper displays

 An elaborate Last Supper table is displayed every year in Valletta, Malta, seen here in photos I took 3 years ago. A horse-shoe shaped table is covered with intricate plates decorated with various designs using simply rice, pasta, salt, beans and other colored grains. 

The table is exhibited during Holy Week and thousands of people visit this display, which is set up every year with new designs of plates, including coat of arms of prelates, bishops and Popes. None of the food is wasted, because after the exhibition is over, the rice, pasta and beans are distributed to various orphanages, homes of the elderly and other places. Notice up close the detail and the precision in which the beans and pasta are strategically placed to create the beautiful designs.

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  1. Dear Father Julian,
    I am Erasmus student (I study Arabic) in Malta this term and lucky to experience Malta in lent and Easter time. Especially the rice and salt "paintings" impressed me a lot for I have never seen such work. Unfortunately I lost all my pictures I did on Maundy Thursday evening about this (including some photos of the beautiful illuminated church in Siggiewi). Writing a (german) blog myself - - I can't wait to write the newsletter on Monday or Thursday about Holy Week in Malta. Searching the internet to find some pictures I can show to my blog visitors I landed on your page. Congratulations! I really enjoy reading through your posts, even if you moved to the United Stated one can feel your very close relation to your home country. Understandable! I hope you don't mind me taking some of your pictures for my blog, of course with reference to you. If you mind, see my contact details on my page and write me a short note! Thank you for this blog, I sure visit you here again!
    Best regards