Sunday, March 10, 2013

Conclave notes - part 3

The Pope's cassocks on display at the Gammarelli Store
The first image of the newly-elected Pope is a memorable scene that will be recorded and re-played throughout history, especially in this day and age of social media. The pope will appear at the central balcony dressed in a white cassock with the red mozzetta (half-cape,) a pectoral cross and a decorative red stole, as well as the white zucchetto (skull-cap.) The Pope would have had less than an hour to fit into all this vesture, and a tailor would be on hand to see that everything fits well, ready for any quick adjustment. Three cassocks of different sizes will be at hand, crafted by the famous religious vestment company Gammarrelli. 
Lorenzo Gammarelli holding a Cardinal's zucchetto

Along with the Barbiconi company, they specialize in Cardinals and Bishops vestments, miters, etc. 5 shoes sizes in red velvet are also at hand, one of which will hopefully fit the feet of the new Pontiff. The vesting room where the Pope gets vested is called the “Room of  Tears” as a very emotional scene occurs in there, just before the Pope is announced to the world.

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