Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The story of Megan and Scott

Yesterday evening as I was getting back to the Rectory during yet another snowstorm, I noticed two people huddled together under an awning behind the kitchen. I asked them if they were OK, and nodded yes. They said they were sheltering from the snow. After a while I went outside and asked them if they wanted some tea, and of course they were delighted. With the tea I gave them some cookies and some pretzels. While talking to them I discovered that they were homeless, but have families in town. Scott was from Utah and Megan was a local girl, from Bend. They of course reminded me of Mary and Joseph who were homeless before they arrived in Bethlehem. They asked me about the church and where I am from and why I was so kind to them. Scott asked me for a Rosary beads, which I gave to him, beaming with joy. Since I had an extra one, I gave one to Megan too and she too was ecstatic, as if I had given them a lump of gold. 
Megan and Scott with tea mugs in their hands and Rosaries around their neck
Then I told them that they may end up in my Christmas homily, and also on my blog, at which they asked me if I want to take their picture, which of course I did, as they cracked a smile in the midst of their sadness. I invited them to the Christmas Mass, but they admitted they may not make it since they will be with their families, but they will make every effort to come back on Sunday.
I saw Mary and Joseph yesterday, and at the end of a painful day, I witnessed a miracle of hope. Mary and Joseph received Jesus as their gift, which they shared with the world, while Megan and Scott received some tea, some cookies, a Rosary beads each, and a photo for my blog, and in the midst of their sadness, gave me hope and joy.

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