Thursday, December 24, 2015

Meeting Santa Claus

I know that many visitors to this blog will be surprised to see Santa here instead of Jesus. Of course Jesus will feature tomorrow and over the next two weeks, as he has since the beginning of Advent. But since I met a very real Santa Claus yesterday, I thought of sharing him with you today, on his busiest day of the year. In Malta and England, we call him Father Christmas, but either way, he is the representation of Saint Nicholas, whose liturgical feast is celebrated on December 6th. But as he makes the rounds around the globe today, making children happy, may they realize also the love and affection they receive from those who love them the most, their parents and loved ones.
Hobby Lobby in Malta garden
Moreover I share with you today some of the decorations from my sister-in-law’s American Christmas Tree. She set the motif for her tree as truly American, since she bought a lot of decorations from Hobby Lobby here in Bend, earlier this year. And to them too, a very Blessed Christmas. Il-Milied it-Tajjeb!
My sister Josephine decorating the American Christmas Tree
A Maltese baby Jesus among American berries
Mince pies with an American motif

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