Sunday, May 3, 2015

The group photo - 113 First Communicants

A group photo of all 113 First Comminicants
The Mass for the First Holy Communion for 113 children of our parish was held yesterday at St Francis of Assisi church on 27th Street. The children participated fully in the Mass, doing the readings in English and Spanish, leading the Prayers of the Faithful and setting up the altar at the Offertory. A packed church of parents, relatives and friends filled the church. 

Thanks to photographer, parishioner and parent Rob DuValle, I share with you just three photos from yesterday's Mass, as well as the customary group photo, packing in 113 children in a very limited space. My gratitude goes to Barbara Mendoza-Lehr and Julie Rice, coordinators of the Elementary Faith Formation, as well as all the teachers and helpers who assisted at the Mass, rehearsals and helped all year long. (click on each photo to enlarge)

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