Friday, May 15, 2015


Some families are big, some families are small.
But no matter what size, it's the same for them all.
Families are fathers that frown and say
"we didn't do things like that in my day.
That shirt's rather bright. That shirt's far too tight.
Now tell me again where you're going tonight."

Families are mothers who fret and fuss.
"Hurry up now or you'll miss your school bus.
Straighten your tie, tidy your hair.
Are you sure those big earrings are what you can wear ?"

Families are brothers that joke and tease,
and when you're not looking they give you a squeeze.
They think they're much bigger and better than you,
and far more important in all that they do.

Families are sisters who share all your things,
your bedroom, your records, your bracelets and rings.
They use all your perfume and wear out your tights,
and keep you awake playing music at night.

But God's family is a unit where we all belong
to support us in trouble when things have gone wrong
God shares in our gladness, our sadness and fears
He loves us and cares for us through all of the years.


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