Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Remembering a tragic day in US history

It was 13 years ago. Everyone was going on their merry way, minding their own business. Schools had just started, the crisp air was returning, heralding another New York fall. But people were complacent as to any danger that may be lurking on the horizon. And things changed quickly in a blink of an eye, when American freedom was shattered, 3000 lives were lost, two icons, 4 planes and the center of America's strategic brain (the Pentagon) were attacked, and life would never, ever be the same. So many families were effected, so many lives were literally turned upside down. So many children became orphaned in a split-second. So many widows and widowers, so many broken hearts, and destroyed lives.
I was right there in the midst of this tragedy, and my memories are just as vivid.
A few hours after the attack, with the Twin Towers gone
Let us pause and remember those tragic few hours and pray for the victims who died so innocently, the people whom I always have called the "New York martyrs." Tomorrow I will share more reflections surrounding this tragic day.

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