Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A Cabernet Sauvignon wine bottle, 337
As everyone knows, I do not drink. Actually I do drink, on the job. And recently with 4 Masses on Sundays, I’m always afraid of being pulled over and given a breathalyser test, and then trying to convince a policeman that it is my duty to drink on the job, during Mass,
although that is actually the Blood of Christ.
My father in his winter uniform with the number 337
Having said that, during a recent visit to the local Safeway Food Store I noticed a bottle of wine with an intriguing label, 337. I have always been fascinated by that number, because it was my father’s police number, which he used on his uniform. I have used the number in some combination on my passwords and of course I think of my father every time this number stands out, like when gasoline is $3.37, or seeing a house number, or even seeing that Lafayette, Louisiana has 337 as an area code.
My father in his summer uniform in 1971, just before he retired
So I dedicate this entry to my dad, and sharing with you a photo of the bottle of wine, which I will keep for as long as I can, and think of my father every time I look at it, which is very frequently, because it is right here in front of me.

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