Wednesday, June 25, 2014

St John's Cathedral

Since yesterday was the feast of St John the Baptist, it is fitting that today I share with you some photos I took recently inside the massive, beautiful and recently-restored Cathedral dedicated to St John the Baptist, in the capital city of Malta, Valletta. Thousands of tourists visit this Cathedral every day, and feeling like one of them, I made sure to capture its beauty in these photos. 

It was built by the Knights of Malta around the years 1570 and 1590 by the architect Girolamo Cassar (as far as I know no relation, but you never know.) The ceiling is covered with numerous frescoes by Mattia Preti, who lived in Malta for many years, and painted many other sacred paintings in other churches and now exposed in Museums and churches. Please do click on each photo to get a bigger image.
'The Baptism of Jesus' by Mattia Preti
A marble statue behind the main altar

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