Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sport's biggest spectacle

Logos of the 32 nations represented in this edition of the World Cup
Undoubtedly the world's biggest spectacle is the World Cup in soccer, or as it is known all around the world, football, the real football, before the American football was invented. With all due respect to baseball, basketball, ice hockey and American football itself, there is nothing that surpasses the excitement and rivalry and anticipation of this spectacle that is held every 4 years. Maybe the Olympic Games come a little close, but over the next month, the eyes of the world will be glued to TV sets to watch the matches being held in Brazil. 
The official poster of 2014 Brazil World Cup
 A month from now, a new world champion will be crowned, who could be any team from the 32 taking part this year. 4 years ago it was Spain who lifted the cup, but, as world champions they were demolished yesterday by Holland who destroyed them 5-1, which comes to show that any team can rise to the occasion, and any team can hit rock bottom. England and Italy will face each other today, and even though Brazil seem to be the favorites because they are playing at home, any nation can win the final match. On a personal note, I can predict the 4 semifinalists which could be Argentina, Brazil, Holland and Belgium.
Posters of previous editions

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