Monday, June 23, 2014

New Cremona paintings

'St Paul in Malta' by Emvin Cremona
Visitors of this blog by now have discovered my appreciation of sacred art in Malta, and have collected quite an array of photos of various paintings found in churches, sometimes hidden in obscurity. While in Malta recently, I discovered a few more paintings by my favorite Maltese artist Emvin Cremona. I now have probably photos of most of his sacred art, distributed in various churches and religious institutions. Another post will be added in a few weeks, but this particular entry for today focuses on just one church in Gozo, where Emvin Cremona started his sacred art career. These were some of his earliest paintings and were dated 1945. 
'St Andrew' by Emvin Cremona
The predominant painting is one of Saint Paul after he is shipwrecked on Malta in 60 AD, but other side paintings represent 2 apostles and 2 other saints. Two others show the Blessed Mother at her Annunciation. The church of Zebbug is dedicated to Saint Paul, and is the farthest and norther-nest parish on the Maltese Islands.
'St George' by Emvin Cremona
'The Annunciation' by Emvin Cremona

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