Monday, July 30, 2012


Photo I took in 1983 at Hyde Park, England

Every Sunday morning, I open the doors of the Cathedral very early in the morning, anytime between 2 AM and 3 AM. Since the Cathedral gets very hot in the afternoon, that’s the best time to let some cool air in, like having a free air-conditioner from God, being that we’re in a high elevation, at 3,500 feet. Well, yesterday I closed the doors at 6:45 AM, because I had to give a sunrise prayer service at the Relay for Life being held this weekend. The little extra time that I left the doors open, which I usually close by 5:30 AM, gave the opportunity for a sparrow to sneak into the Cathedral. He was flying around very discreetly towards the end of the morning Mass. In fact during the homily I had mentioned that God takes care of us, just as he takes care of the sparrows and lilies of the field. I guess this particular sparrow wanted to hear me mention them, and felt he had to represent his friends by his presence.
Of course he stayed here overnight, and this morning I went to check on him and found him hopping around the altar. Trying to capture him was impossible, but then he flew away towards the bell tower, and I was able to trap him in there. Then opening the doors, I was able, with a lot of patience, to guide him towards the doors, and bingo, off he flew, after a very holy night inside a beautiful Cathedral.
“Praise Him all ye birds of the sky, all ye sparrows and creatures that fly!”

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