Monday, July 2, 2012

Bishop Cary at the Cathedral

Bishop Cary enters his Cathedral
July1st 2012 was a historic day for the Baker City Cathedral as Bishop Liam Cary took possession of the Cathedral of St Francis De Sales. The day started at 9:30 AM as he knocked on the door while I greeted him, presenting him with a crucifix to kiss, and then walked up the center aisle to bless the congregation with holy water. The Mass proceeded as usual with a nice crowd in attendance. During his homily, Bishop Cary spoke about the present issue concerning our religious liberty that has threatened Catholics and Christians everywhere over the past 6 months, and will probably be the main issue that will decide the outcome of the next election in November. Bishop Cary met many of the parishioners after Mass as well as during a reception in the parish hall. A smaller crowd attended the Spanish Mass at 12 noon.

He expressed to me personally how impressed he was with the Cathedral, renovated 5 years ago. He feel honored to have such a beautiful new home. Towards the end of the Mass, I thanked him for his presence as a sincere, humble and gentle friend to me, besides being my pastor, my shepherd, my father, and hope that all the parishioners will see him in the same light. I encouraged him to visit our parish as often as he wants, having a home away from home. The Bishop also visited the Mission church of St Therese in Halfway on Saturday for Mass at 2 PM and a reception hosted by the parishioners.
Bishop Liam Cary preaching for the first time in the Cathedral

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