Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flasback from 30 years ago

Eucharist at Saranac Lake, NY
This is a photo I took 30 years ago at Saranac Lake in Upstate New York. With my priest friend and pastor Fr John Heinlein, I used to go for a week in the Adirondacks, and while I did mostly biking, swimming and taking photos, he would be doing a lot of waterskiing, besides the driving. The following two years, when I eventually got my drivers license, I did some of the driving too, and one year I went by myself with his father Joe, driving even into Canada. Of course we always celebrated Mass for the guests who were at the Marlboro Club with us, and I took this photo just before we started to say Mass.

Fluting by Julian's Island

Now on the lake there were a few islands that were named, but a few smaller ones had no name, and so I decided to name one of them 'Julian’s Island.' Nobody complained or objected and I believe it still is known as Julian’s Island. If you enlarge the photo with the chalice, you can see this little island just below the branch that extends from the tree on the right. On the second photo with me playing the flute, Julian’s Island is clearly visible just above my left hand. I did a lot of biking those days, all the way to Lake Placid, site of the 1980 Olympics, Tupper lake, as well as around Upper and Lower Saranac lakes. If you want see the exact location, go to Google Earth and you can find the island at 44° 20' 15. 76" North  and  74 ° 19' 10. 40" West. The lake is at an elevation of 1580 feet above sea level. Just below Julian’s Island you can see Dry island, and in the same area there is also Goose island and Green island. Those were the days!

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