Monday, June 18, 2012

The Priesthood

In anticipation for my 35th anniversary tomorrow, I share this interesting quote, while encouraging everyone to pray for vocations. We are forever grateful for all those who appreciate the work of a parish priest.

If the priest preaches for over 10 minutes, he’s long-winded.
        If the sermon is short, he didn’t prepare it.
If he has fairs and bazaars, he’s bleeding the people,
        If he doesn’t, there is no life in the parish.
If he takes too long in the confessional to help and advise sinners, he’s too long,
        If he doesn’t, he’s not a good adviser.
If he celebrates Mass in a quite voice, he’s a bore.
        If he puts feeling into it, he’s an actor.
If he starts Mass on the minute, his watch is fast,
        If he starts Mass late, he’s holding up the congregation.
If he tries to lead the music, he’s showing off,
        If he doesn’t, he does not care much what Mass is like.
If he decorates the Church, he’s wasting money,
        If he doesn’t, he’s letting it run down.
If he keeps himself neat and tidy, he is showy and worldly.
         If not, they say he is dirty and lazy.
If he organizes games and activities for the youth, they consider him a playboy.
        If he doesn’t mix with the youth, they say he is old-fashioned.
If he gets involved with an apostolate among women, he is girl-crazy.
        If he doesn’t serve all the people, they consider him abnormal.
If he makes home visits, he’s a party animal.
        If he doesn’t, they accuse him of being a loner, and does not care for his parishioners.
If he is a good administrator, he is business-minded.
        If he doesn’t, they say he is careless, and does not really care about the Church.
If he preaches of social issues, they say he is meddling with politics.
        If he doesn’t, they accuse him of not being an honest citizen.
If he preaches well, he is trying to save the world with his theories.
        If he doesn’t preach well, he is ignorant and not updated
If he works a lot and prays little, he wastes too much time at work.
        If he spends time in prayer, he is a holy roller, but is abandoning the parish.
If he defends the teaching of the Church, he's looking to become a Monsignor or a Bishop.
       If he criticizes the Church’s stand, he is a rebel.
If he tries to be like the people, he is not acting Christ-like.
        If he doesn’t imitate the people, he is a hypocrite. 
If he’s young, he’s not experienced,   
        If he’s old, he should retire.
If he doesn’t imitate Jesus, he is no priest.
         If he imitates Jesus, he is trying to be popular. 
If he imitates Jesus too much, they will crucify him.
         And if he dies, there may be no one to replace him.

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  1. A quote from John Quincy Adams... "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." Thank you Fr. Julian for your years of service as a humble priest who walks softly, yet leaves big footprints containing the invigoration of Divine influence in people's lives. You are truly a blessing wherever your footprints journey....