Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last entry from Rome

A very busy few days in the Eternal City before my return to my parish. Once again I walked an average of 6 to 8 miles each day, discovering streets, statues, monuments, bridges, and mostly churches, some of which were unknown to me, since they are never placed on maps. Monday was the day I was waiting for as I visited inside the Vatican, as well as the Vatican Museums, coming back with close to 800 photos, 250 of which in the basilica and the rest in the Vatican Museums. I was also able to climb the 551 steps to the dome of the famed church, absorbing from up there a breath-taking view of the entire city. I made it up there without any problem, while seeing many other tourists huffing and puffing to reach the top. The Museum tour took a full 4 hours, and was glad that they let us take photos everywhere, except in the Sistine chapel, as expected. Hopefully from Saturday onwards, my entries will once again be daily posts. I will miss Bishop Liam Cary's consecration by a few hours, but he will be in my prayers. I also thank Fr John Heinlein for covering for me over the past month, as well as my sisters for feeding me so well in Malta, and my brother and sister and sister-in-law for being my chauffeurs. And thanks to my nephews for updating me withe latest IPad and IPod gizmos. Until Saturday, as they say in Rome, arrivederci, or ciao!


  1. Great to read you're enjoying Rome,waiting to see all the photos taken on your website. Sure the food's good although you must be missing the "ful and hobz biz-zejt" as you call it. Miss your presence in the house, as the music you play gives life to the empty house. Arrivederci Roma enjoy your last day, buon lungo viaggio per l'USA.


  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.