Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superbowl families - part 1

The Manning family in 1981
The Superbowl is all about football, commercials that cost $3.5 million per 30 seconds, and all about snacks, beer, and parties that many people organize to watch the game together. But there is more to Superbowl than this. It’s also about Super families that sacrifice their lives to see one of their sons appear on this world stage and hopefully one day be crowned as a Superbowl champion. That happened precisely to the Manning family, where both Eli and Payton won Superbowl victories for their teams, the NY Giants and Indianapolis Colts respectively. Eli has the opportunity to repeat this feat again tomorrow. Being sons of a former NFL player, Archie, the Mannings had another son Cooper, who also played football but had to retire early because of injury. The above photo shows the Manning family with baby Eli and two older siblings, Cooper in the middle and Payton in the foreground. Below are other family photos of the Mannings growing up.

Left to right: Cooper, Eli, Payton.  18 was Archie's number at Ole Miss

I guess you know who everyone is by now.

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