Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God is Love

The Bleeding Heart, my favorite flower, known as Dicentra spectabilis
God is Love. Love is the Lord of Life. Love gives Himself to you as the Living Bread of Heaven to sustain you through all life’s difficulties. Love is Jesus Christ who is the Truth, the Way and the Life.
Love demands openness, brings sincerity to all our actions, never makes excuses.
Love is Truth, as it enables us to be honest at all cost, never compromises the consciences of others, penetrates to our inner being, allows us to see ourselves as we really are.
Love is the Way, as it give at all cost, cares for all, shares oneself with others in humility, forgives to the umpteenth time, always says “I am sorry” for any wrong, evaluates but does not judge, guarantees tolerance, seeks a blending busyness and contemplation, binds the spiritual and sensual, discerns the important from the trivial, shares the joys and sadness of others, recognizes others as our fellow sisters and brothers.
Love is Life, as it offers vitality and hope to everyday, enjoys the eternal now for all its richness, cascades through all our emotions and endeavors, reaches out, ascending new horizons, brings fulfillment, eternal joy and serenity, is never exhausted.
Love is saying “I love you” at the end of each day, even when the day has been awful. Love seeks out the new day for a new beginning. 

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  1. So great a Salvation lies in so great a Love. Thank you for this tremendous message that resonates His grace for today, His mercy for yesterday and His hope for tomorrow.
    God bless you Fr. Julian for this eternal reminder.