Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl families - part 2

Jim (49ers) and John (Ravens)  Harbaugh
Another family that could very have been in this year’s final is the Harbaugh family who has two sons, both coaches, John of the Baltimore Ravens and Jim of the San Francisco 49ers, both of whom were eliminated, possibly by sheer bad luck in the semi-finals. When they played each other on Thanksgiving Day 2011, interviewers were asking the losing Harbaugh about his reaction to losing to his brother. He answered simply by saying - “this is just a game, the biggest victory was won by my parents who tomorrow celebrate 50 years of happy marriage!”

The Harbaugh brothers with their parents, Thanksgiving Day 2011
We have a lot to learn from the Mannings and the Harbaughs, especially about family unity, perseverance, commitment, sacrifice and brotherly love.

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