Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stations around Town

Before the last Station at the Historic Church
The first annual Stations around Town was held on Tuesday March 31st around Bend with a nice crowd of over 80 parishioners attending. 14 places were chosen as we visited them and prayed the customary Stations of the Cross while also praying for the people who work or attend the chosen landmarks. The first 7 places were spread out and so we car-pooled to each location while the last 7 were close together and we walked in procession. 
The 7th Stations at the Red Cross/Blood Donor Center
The 14 places chosen were these: 1. Inside the new St. Francis church on 27th Str, 2. The Trinity Lutheran church, 3. On Route 97, close to Hobby Lobby, 4. By the Pregnancy Resource Center, 5. St Vincent de Paul Society, 6. Mount Bachelor Memory Care, 7. Red Cross/Blood Bank Center, 8. The Episcopalian church, 9. The Public Library, 10. Tower Theater, 11. City Hall, 12. McMenimans, our former St Francis School, 13, By the Rectory, and 14. Inside the historic St. Francis church. All those who attended observed a very reverent atmosphere all around, and even sacrificed the cold weather, but bundled up accordingly and tried to stay warm, especially as we walked the last 7 stations. More photos will be posted later on the parish blog, including the prayers used. (click on each photo to enlarge) 
The 9th Station by the Public Library
The 3rd Station on Route 97
In procession with some helpers carrying the cross
The 6th Station by the Mt Bachelor Memory Care Center

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