Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blue Birds

Stellar's Jay eying his next meal
Besides all the other birds I photographed at the Mount Angel Retreat House, the ones that attracted my attention the most were the blue jays, which were very active and very mobile, which made it very hard to photograph. They would stay in one place for a few seconds, and I had to be extra quick to focus and get a fairly good photo. But I was lucky that my patience rewarded me with some good shots, as you can see from these seen here. 
Another Stellar's Jay, checking the photographer
The one with the black head is known as the Stellar's Jay, while the others are known as the Gray-breasted Jay. Tomorrow we'll visit the nearby Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Monitor, in a very colorful post.
A Gray-breasted Jay in 4 different postures

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