Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

All you who are crying, come to Him, because He is crying, too.
All you who are suffering, come to Him, because He can heal you.
All you who are afraid, come to Him, because He always has a smile waiting for you.
All you who are hungry, come to Him, because He’ll feed you the Living Bread.
All you who are in darkness, come to Him, because He will guide you with His Light.
All you who are lost, search for His guiding hand, and you will never get lost from now on.
All you who feel persecuted, come to Him because He had His share of persecution, too.
All you who feel you’re always struggling, come to Him, and He’ll give true meaning to your life.
All you who are lonely, come close to Him, because He, too, was very lonely on the Cross.
All you who feel you are being punished unfairly, just look at Him! He died for you—unfairly.
All you who’ve lost your sense of direction in life, come to Him. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!
All you who are dying, come to Him, and you will live forever. 

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