Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Joy

This is time to receive Joy, but also time to share it, certainly not to keep it to yourself.
- Christmas Joy is in the fact that you can make people forget about the past with a present.
- Christmas Joy is seeing our children singing their heart out during their Christmas program.
- Christmas Joy is seeing parishioners cooperate and collaborate to see our parish thrive and move forward with many projects, plans and dreams.
- Christmas Joy is reading a message from a young girl that all she wants for Christmas is “some time from daddy to stay at home with us.”
- Christmas joy is seeing the beautiful nativity being built up slowly slowly, awaiting the arrival of Jesus.
- Christmas Joy is seeing our young children placing a piece of straw in the manger for Jesus, whenever they do a good deed.
- Christmas Joy is experiencing the generosity of our people in all of our appeals to help our church.

- Christmas Joy is seeing the entire Latino community celebrating with Our Lady of Guadalupe, proud of their heritage and sharing the richness of their faith.
- Christmas Joy is seeing people checking my blog every morning, and informing me that I was late when I did not post my daily entry by 5:30 AM.
- Christmas Joy is sharing a reflection every day, especially sharing memories of how other people celebrate Christmas.
- Christmas joy is when I receive e-mails from our college students, especially after I share with them some photos of parish events.
- Christmas joy is when someone calls with a wrong number and then spend 10 minutes talking to them, just because they like your accent (which I’ve been trying to hide for the past 33 years.)

- Christmas Joy is seeing a very attentive congregation every time I preach and when I celebrate Mass.
- Christmas Joy is seeing more people giving me CDs to burn them my collection of Christmas music or photos.
- Christmas Joy is seeing long lines of people coming for confession.
- Christmas Joy is hearing someone tell me “Thanks Father for praying for me - the doctor says I’m gonna be fine.”
- Christmas Joy is seeing all children on their best behavior, and their behavior gets even nicer the closer we come to Christmas.
- Christmas Joy is seeing someone shoveling some snow or chopping icy pavements without being asked.
- Christmas Joy is is knowing that St Francis actually created the first Nativity, and in his honor we create another one right in our church in front of the altar for everyone to admire.
- Christmas Joy is being able to smile, hold a warm hand, hug a friend and be happy that you lived through another year.

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