Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity by Peter Paul Rubens
We celebrate today the feast of the Holy Trinity. Many images and analogies were brought forward to explain the mystery of the three persons in one and three Gods. The most popular one is the one presented by St Patrick with the image of the clover leaf, the shamrock. Well this story which I shared in my homily today is very interesting too. It deals with an atheist confronting a priest about this mystery.
Pointing to the sun streaming in the window, the priest asked the atheist: “Do you believe in the sun?” “Why, of course,” the atheist admitted. “Alright,” the priest continued, “the rays you see coming through the window are from the sun, 90,000,000 miles from here, give or take a few thousand miles. The heat we feel comes from both the sun and from its rays. The Holy Trinity is something like that. The sun is God the Father; the sun sends out its rays, God the Son. Then from both the sun and its rays, from the Father and the Son, proceeds or comes the Holy Spirit, the heat. Can you explain how that happens?” The atheist quickly changed the subject.

The sun is the source of physical good; the Trinity is the source of God’s life in us.
The sun gives energy and strength; the Trinity gives inner power and strength.
The sun gives light; the Trinity lights the mind and heart of man. 
The sun produces heat; the Trinity pours forth spiritual heat - love of God and mankind.
The sun heals sickness and disease; the Trinity heals the sickness of the souls - sin.
The sun helps resist germs and infection; the Trinity drives off spiritual germs.
The sun cheers and brightens the world around us; the Trinity cheers the heart of mankind.
The Sign of the Cross is the sign of any Christian. 

Let us never be embarrassed in making the sign of the cross, as we honor God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

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