Thursday, June 12, 2014

The first photos

Snow capped mountains somewhere between Oregon and Idaho
Back in my parish after a 24 hour trip, mostly in the air between Malta and Bend, here are just a few photos I took from the air on my arrival in Malta, a month ago. I am presently downloading and cropping and saving all my 2500 photos, and will certainly share many of them in the next few weeks.
Mount Hood, the highest mountain in Oregon

Mdina and Rabat in Malta, photo also taken from the plane.
As the world prepares for the World Cup which starts today in Brazil, I cannot let this day pass by without asking for your prayers for a priest in a parish in Phoenix Arizona, killed last night during a robbery in the Rectory. A 28 year old priest, Fr Kenneth Walker was killed and a 56 year old priest, Fr Joseph Terra was seriously injured while they were in their Rectory in Mother of Mercy Mission in the Capitol District. Even though we do not know each other, we feel like a family when one of us is murdered so innocently. Let us pray....

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