Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A great man is gone

Censu Tabone, my mother, myself and Maria Tabone

2 weeks short of his 99th birthday, (March 30, 1913-March 14, 2012) my friend Censu Tabone leaves this earth to start a new life in eternity. I called him friend because he was not just my friend but everyone’s friend in Malta. A father of 8, grandfather of 19, and great-grandfather of 24, he also happens to be Malta’s most beloved politician, past President of the nation and above all a deeply devout and spiritual man. The above photo shows him with his wife of 70 years, Maria and my mother on my 25th anniversary, June 19, 2002. A well-known ophthalmologist, he served in the military during World War II and entered politics at the age of 50.
He was humble - never seeking attention.
He was a servant of the people - never patronizing.
He was efficient both as a doctor or politician - always accepting any given role at any level.
He was a simple, decent politician - he treated everyone equally and with equal respect.
He was unassuming - never seeking roles at the expense of others - always ready to shoulder responsibilities thrust upon him.
President or not, he was dignified in any role, respected by all and Censu was his name.

In 1990, with the Bishop of Long Island NY, and my brother Marcel
Always gracious and highly respected by everyone, I got to know a side of him which most people did not. Every time I visited at his house, he was extremely gracious and hospitable, and in spite of his illustrious career, he never looked down on anybody, but was humble enough to bend down and play even with his grandchildren. He never missed daily Mass, especially at the small Lapsi church in St Julian’s, where frequently I celebrated Mass while visiting my family. Rest in Peace Censu. Your work is finished here on earth, but your presence will surely embellish the halls of heaven.


  1. Fr Julian... Your words paint a picture in description of an honorable and distinguished man. This tribute to him gives the reader a sense of a man who valued His God, his family and his fellow citizens above achievements throughout his years. What a blessing for you to count him as friend.

  2. I am very happy to read of such a blessed man. I wish our nation had more like him.