Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fasting and Feasting

Many people focus so much on the fasting aspect of Lent, that they overlook the feasting aspect. Yes, it's OK to avoid the negatives, but it's just as important to accentuate the positives.
Fast on criticism, feast on praise
Fast on resentment, feast on contentment
Fast on self-pity, feast on happiness
Fast from hatred, feast on peace
Fast from jealousy, feast on love
Fast from pride, feast on humility
Fast from selfishness, feast on service
Fast on apathy, feast on faith
Fast from complaining, feast on appreciation
Fast from carelessness, feast on commitment
Fast from egoism, feast on altruism
Fast from gossiping, feast on concern
Fast from laziness, feast on prayer
Fast from anger, feast on joy
Fast from dishonesty, feast on sincerity
Fast from frowning, feast on smiling
Fast from pessimism, feast on optimism
Fast from revenge, feast on forgiveness
Fast from anxiety, feast on hope
Fast from sensual temptation, feast on purity
Fast from taking, feast on giving
Fast from fear, feast on courage
Fast from impatience, feast on tolerance
Fast from cheating, feast on honesty
Fast from fighting, feast on reconciling
Fast from the TV, feast on some spiritual reading
Fast from the newspaper, feast on the bible
Fast from competition, feast on teamwork
Fast from passive indifference, feast on positive action
Fast from yourself, feast on Jesus & others.

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  1. Hello Fr. Julian,

    Hope you are ok. Finding your blog with its inspiring Fasting and Feasting reflection, linked to your blog. Bless me.

    Fr. Marco (St Julian's - Malta)