Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Living in Oregon, there are two animals that are very much beloved, and hated at the same time. The nicknames of the two College Football teams are the Ducks for the University of Oregon and the Beavers for the Oregon State University. There is a rivalry that culminates in the Civil War Football game, held usually in November, when the two teams play against each other. Obviously the two most prominent colors here are green for the ducks and orange for the beavers. It’s not easy to see beavers around here, but fairly easy to spot ducks shimmering on the surface of lakes and rivers, one which is in the nearby Deschutes river. 
These are three photos I took this week with a ducks in the background and a plant called fireweed in the foreground. Some tourists or visitors who were looking at the flower asked me what kind it was, and I went searching for the Audubon Society Guide to Wildflowers. Plenty of Canadian Geese also are very popular, leaving quite a mess with their droppings in nearby Drake Park.

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