Friday, July 10, 2015

A Father's Heart

Heart of a Father by Anton Inglott (Malta)
We entrust to our Father in heaven all those who are hurting, oppressed or tormented for some reason or another…… because we know that Jesus’ heart has room for everyone.

In the heart that will never beat again….Father receive the broken pieces and put them back together again. Keep this heart with you always.

For the mother’s womb that was so drastically invaded by the powers of darkness, be the love that will forgive and heal her inner life.

For the parent who could have nurtured life, but instead mourns for years to come of what was lost, heal her and her troubled conscience.

For the family that could have been, fill in that empty space that was going to be occupied by a loving soul; give them your heart, Father.

For the child who is left out, bullied or feels discarded, fill the emptiness with Your love.

For the teenager who has turned to drugs, sex or a gang to find what the family seem to lack, Father, recall this lost heart back to yours.

For the person who has been kicked around in life by the world of commerce or shunned by the harsh message of the culture of death, rescue each one into your loving embrace.

For those who have never felt needed and are labeled as an outcast, grant them an assurance that they are one of your special loved ones.

For the cripple, the lame and the blind who seem unproductive in society, grant them your heavenly Fatherly love beyond, for they will carry your loving image to others in need.

For those who are caught in the most hopeless of all situations, grant them an overflowing love from Your heart.

For the many immigrants and refugees who are oppressed by their own governments, and look for a new beginning, somewhere, somehow – welcome them into Your heart, loving Father.

For those caught on death row and the imprisoned, grant them a second chance of life from the Father’s heart.

For those who gathered years and years of wisdom and experience, may they share it with the generations to come.

And for our own parishioners who cannot make ends meet, who struggle with the high cost of living, food, gasoline and other basics, open Your abundant loving heart to them, and give them hope, meaning and a sense of peace in their own hearts. AMEN.

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