Thursday, May 1, 2014

Prayer for work

Lord Jesus, as the world celebrates May Day today, the church celebrates the feast of Saint Joseph, patron saint of workers, and so our thoughts and prayers go to all those who work, those searching for work and that the dignity of all workers be respected and honored everywhere.
We pray for those who work work with their hands, carpenters, construction workers, loggers, farmers, ranchers, fishermen, writers, printers, nurses, sculptors, painters, engineers, cooks, chefs, and yes, even baseball, lacrosse and football players. May they always stay focused on the work at hand and avoid any accidents or mishaps.
We also pray for those who use their minds at work, doctors, lawyers, accountants, counsellors, planners and inventors, politicians and strategists, priests and teachers, and mothers and fathers who use both hands and mind and heart.
We ask you Lord to provide work opportunities for those parents who need some form of income to support their families. May employers and employees collaborate together and see good, productive work accomplished with dedication, honesty and commitment.
And as we continue the work of creation, remind us also to rest on specified days, and never waste any time at work, or do things which are otherwise done during leisure time. We ask this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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