Saturday, May 3, 2014

First Holy Communion

Many parishes at this time of the year celebrate a ritual that we all went through, receiving the First Holy Communion. This week and next week I have over 100 children receiving Jesus in their hearts, as parents, siblings, grandparents and relatives celebrate with the children this very special and intimate moment. My memory of my First Holy Communion is still very vivid in my mind, even though this was 56 years ago. It happened on June 29, 1958 in my home parish of St Julian's in Malta. It was customary for each child to have his official photo, which I share with you today. This photo is still hanging in our home, along with those of my brothers and sisters.
Another custom was to have holy cards printed to commemorate this occasion. Please pray for my children, and for their parents that they would realize the responsibility to bring their children to church every week.

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