Thursday, July 11, 2013

St Benedict

A 1993 Austrian stamp honoring St Benedict

We honor today the father of Monasticism, Saint Benedict, and we pay for all the Benedictines around the world who follow the Rule of St Benedict, comprised of 73 short chapters. The Rule encourages a Christo-centric life and also gives recommendations about how to deal with our brothers (and sisters), as well as some administrative rules on how to run a monastery. St Benedict was a twin and along with his twin sister St Scholastica, they are both revered as saints. 
St Benedict's medal, front and back

The well-known medal of St Benedict is very descriptive and has acronyms in Latin on how to attack the devil and protect oneself from danger. The most famous Benedictine Abbey is in Monte Cassino near Rome, which was heavily bombed during World War II, but many other beautiful monasteries are around the world, especially in Germany, France, Italy, England and the USA.

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