Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Prayer by Mother Teresa

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997)

You are God. You are true God from true God, generated not created, of the same substance of the Father. You are with the Father from all eternity. All things were created by you and the Father. You are the beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased. You are the Son of Mary, conceived by the Holy Spirit in her virginal womb.
You were born in Bethlehem, wrapped in swaddling clothes by Mary and placed in a manger with straw. You are an ordinary man without much education, and the educated class in Israel judges you unfairly.
Jesus is: the Word made flesh, the Bread of Life, the victim immolated for our sins on the cross, the sacrifice offered for the sins of the world, and for my sins in the Holy Mass.
Jesus is: the Word to be proclaimed, the Truth to be revealed, the Way to be followed, the Light to illumine, the Life to be lived, the Love to be loved,
Jesus is: the Hungry Person to be fed, the Thirsty Person given drink, the Naked One to clothe, the Homeless to receive shelter, the Sick to be cured, the Abandoned to be loved,
Jesus is: the Outcast to be welcomed, the Leper whose wounds are bathed, the Beggar to whom a smile is given, the Drunkard who needs to be listened to,
Jesus: the Mentally Disturbed who needs to be protected, the Infant who needs to be held in our arms, the Blind Person who needs to be led by the hand, the Mute for whom someone must speak, the Crippled with whom one walks,
Jesus is: the Drug Addict who needs help, the Prostitute who needs to be taken off the streets, the Prisoner who needs to be visited, the Aged person who needs to be taken care of.

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