Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vintage Cars

Once a year here in Baker City, a large contingent of vintage cars arrive and are displayed in a local park, for everyone to admire and inspect. Some of the cars are from the 1920s and later years, but they are all in mint condition, and are really beautiful to behold. 
Their owners shine them and sparkle them for everyone to see. I am surprised that the owners can find parts for them, but they told me that this is big business and because they love their hobby, the owners would pay lots of money even for a simple part. These few photos show just a few of the vintage cars, including one that is as old as me, a 1952 Ford.
A scene that could very well be from 1928
The 1950s and 1960s were also represented
1952 Ford and  1952 human specimen


  1. Oh, vintage cars! Indeed, these coup├ęs just have that indescribable magnetic appeal. These vintage cars define class and sophistication. Now, I suddenly I miss going to vintage car shows. I'll probably make myself go to one next month. =)

    Leisa Dreps

  2. It’s amazing how the owners and/or caretakers of these vintage cars have successfully maintained the coupes’ sleek and splendid appearance. Just imagine how old these cars are, and yet, their beauty can compete with that of the new cars today!

    - Naomi Champy

  3. A 1952 Ford in that very good shape is really something to look at! Even if the only visible part of it is the front bumper, I can still say that it is a regal beauty. Very smooth and sleek!

    *Ernest Houston

  4. Much kudos to these cars’ caring owners! Without their passion to restore these old beauties, we will not be able to indulge ourselves to the autos’ vintage essence. =] Imagine, these cars are older than I am but they still shine splendidly! =)

    - Kerstin

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