Saturday, August 25, 2012

Festivities at St Julian's

The statue of St Julian, crafted by Carlo Darmanin 1893
A week-long celebration in honor of Saint Julian will reach their culmination tomorrow Sunday, with the procession along the streets of the village with the statue of St Julian. Various Masses were celebrated this week for various groups, like the youth, the elderly, children, members of religious organizations, etc. 

Streets are decorated with banners and other smaller statues. The predominant colors are black yellow and red, the Belgian flag, since St Julian came from Belgium. He lived in the 9th century.


  1. Dearest Brother

    Here's wishing you a Happy Feast and hope you'll find time to relax on your 60th birthday. We would have loved to share your special day together, as it was your 50th the last one celebrated in your hometown during Festa week

    With love Josephine, Rosemarie, Marcel & Maria Julian & Peter Kay and of course Kenny

  2. Birthday wishes from another Julian from St. Julians! It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating your ordination. How time flies! I also remember you taken care of us alterboys. My mother was Lonza, a well known person in St Julians and for some time I was active in a group organising the festa street decorations.
    So have a great day and wish you every success.
    Julian Scicluna