Friday, January 1, 2016

Prayer to Our Lady of Central Oregon

As we honor Mary today, the Feast of Mary, Mother of Jesus, I share with you this prayer I created, addressed to Our Lady of Central Oregon:
Most Blessed Mother, we pray through your intercession to God Almighty. Keep the people of our beloved town and county healthy, safe, respectful of each other and welcoming to the many visitors.
We ask your protection on our children, and along with their parents, remind them to honor you by their presence at church and at religion classes. We pray for our youth, and keep them away from any danger that tempts them. In this high-tech world we live in, encourage them to communicate with their parents and friends, not simply by texting and by phone-calls, but by the simple act of talking face-to-face, by playing games and create community spirit and appreciation for the human spirit.
We pray for those who are struggling at this time, single mothers with 2 to 4 children to feed, young people searching for jobs, for young girls carrying an unplanned child, heart-broken grandparents who have to care for their grandchildren day and night, and all those who are discouraged and disappointed with their own lives. Give them hope and trust in You, that their lives may turn around and find meaning in their life, and hope to go on.
We ask for protection on those who work outdoors in cold weather, ranchers and farmers, forest service people, loggers and other construction workers. Guide our public service officers and those who serve us faithfully in our county and town here in Central Oregon.
Blessed Mother, who raised Jesus with St Joseph with so much love and affection, inspire all parents and families to instill in their children a sense of God. May they collaborate with their pastors and religious leaders to be true example to others. Give courage to those who are suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses. Be a source of strength for them and their caregivers. Above all, be our role model of love, fidelity, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness. Amen.

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