Saturday, January 2, 2016

My childhood church

Even though many people think that Christmas is over, the Christmas season goes until next Sunday when the church celebrates the feast of the Baptism of Jesus. And so to continue on a Christmas theme, I take you with me today to my childhood church, where I grew up, where my parents were married, where I was baptized, and where I served as an altar boy for countless years, and where I still celebrate most of my Masses when I visit my family. The church dedicated to St Julian and the feast of the Ascension is taken care of by a group of young enthusiasts who recently have been giving a historical face-lift to the inside of the church. 
The photos show the decorations at the main altar, with baby Jesus placed on the main altar in a girandola, which is used to also house the Blessed Sacrament. Among the decorations one can see what is called gulbiena, in English called vetch, which is planted in pots 4 weeks before Christmas and is grown in the dark, so that it will grow white, then placed on altars to decorate and embellish the sanctuary. 

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