Monday, October 26, 2015

Another miracle

It’s been a fertile year in our parish and yesterday I got to hold another newborn, just three hours after she was born. Gianna Clare Barreras was born at 3:30 PM at St Charles Hospital, the fifth child of Laura and Tom Barreras, the fourth girl. If people don’t believe in miracles, seeing a newborn baby should shatter any doubts. These pictures show also the other two siblings Christopher and Sophia, who will have to do a lot of baby-sitting in the next few years. The older siblings Allie and Kaitlin are in Gonzaga University. 
May God bless this wonderful family and so many others in our parish who continue to enrich our parish family with beautiful babies. More mouths to feed, more babies to baptize, more children to educate in our school, and more Catholic families giving witness for life.

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