Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Power of Forgiveness

This is a touching prayer on forgiveness, written by a young man, Aidan Conger who is soon to become a member of our Catholic faith. 

My faith and my trueness are crippled and torn, ...
but never forget the weight that for you was born.
A suffering king, tortured Lord,
A savior of men, and we held him to the sword.

We beat and we battered,
on the cross blood was splattered.
King above all, ruler of hearts,
right here and now, is where your faith starts.

Kindle the fire, thicken the flame, ...
I understand now, and I will not be lame.
I will not lay quietly, I will not lay still,
the word of the Lord is mine to fulfill.

I'm a servant of God, my soul is committed,
my soul and my heart with Jesus is fitted.
My soul is on fire, my heart is not dead,
my soul is finite, my heart is like lead.

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