Friday, February 6, 2015

Power is out

We had a terrible storm overnight with fierce winds and rain. This led to the power cut off in the rectory and the historic church. We're hoping it will be restored soon, but the power outage makes you realize how many things we take for granted. Thankfully there was still a little hot water to shave and shower, but the garage door would not open, phones of course were out, the oven and everything electric was out, and you had to rely on your wrist watch to check the time. Of course the alarm clock was blank, and so I can say that for once I overslept, and got up at 4:55 AM. Naturally the howling wind did not let any one sleep, and the broken limbs of trees was conspicuous as I was heading to the office, getting a ride from one of our sisters who attended the 7 AM Mass, which was celebrated in a very romantic setting, in candle-light. And the red vestment in honor of St Paul Miki and his companions added a little extra touch to the atmosphere inside the church. The wind is still very strong, and the rain keeps coming down - too bad it's not snow, especially in the mountains where we need it the most, but every little droplet helps. Besides people can blame me for the rain, as I've been praying for moisture and snow all through the month of January.

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