Saturday, September 20, 2014

Focus on Malta

A tourist complex called Portomaso, which includes a yacht marina
Since tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Malta becoming Independent, I want to share some photos today of flood-lit scenes from Malta, photos which I took recently during my visit there. Malta's night life is just as exciting as it is during the day. Just as New York is called the 'city that never sleeps', we can easily say that Malta has become the 'island that never sleeps.' 
St Julian's Bay with restaurants galore
On a few occasions, I was up early at 5 AM to take photos of a sunrise, and people are still walking around from the night before, mostly coming from night clubs and other places of entertainment. Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry on what happened 50 years ago.
Domed churches dominate every Malta skyline
Another restaurant known as Barracuda at Balluta Bay

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