Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mount Angel Iconography

Icon of the Crucifixion at Mount Angel Abbey refectory
One of the most conspicuous aspect of Mount Angel Abbey is the number of Icons displayed in different places. Most of these were done by Brother Claude Lane OSB, one of the monks, who spends hours designing, crafting, praying over, and painting these beautiful Icons. His most recent one is found in the Refectory of the Abbey with a crucifix and the Emmaus disciples on both sides, recollecting the meal they shared with Jesus after His Resurrection. 

Other statues of Mary and Joseph are displayed in the Abbey church and in the Refectory.
The Retreat House where we stayed is a very quiet and peaceful place, and this attracts a lot of different birds, and to see some of my photos of our feathered friends, you have to wait till tomorrow.
An Icon of St Benedict in a private chapel at the Retreat House
Statue of St Joseph in the Refectory

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