Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lord help me.....

In all of my needs, I come to you in humility and trust and say to you, Lord help me.
In my doubts, uncertainties and temptations, Lord help me.
In my loneliness, in my tiredness and in difficult situations, Lord help me.
When I see my hopes and plans fail, and turn into disappointments and worries, Lord help me
When others fail me and hurt me, and when I see that only your grace can save me, Lord help me.
When I entrust my soul into your tremendous Love, as a Father and Savior, Lord help me.
When I lose all my hope to failure, when I see all my efforts end in vain, Lord help me.
When I lose patience, and when I see my cross getting heavier and heavier, Lord help me.
When I feel sick and abandoned because my head and hands can’t function anymore, Lord help me.
Always, in spite of my weaknesses, shortcomings and other failures, Lord help me always, and never abandon me.

1 comment:

  1. Amen. Love this prayer and your painting, Father. Have a good day!
    Nancy Bauer