Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 truths to live by

1. You need not be afraid of where you're going when you know God is going with you.
2. Your work is a commentary on your character.
3. When you are feeling low remember that God thinks highly of you.
4. Patience means awaiting God's time without doubting God's love.
5. To add to your joy, count your blessings.
6. Each day is a gift to be opened with prayer.
7. Everything in God's store is on the bottom shelf... you have to get on your knees to get it.
8. It's not what you have in your life, but who you have in your life that counts.
9. You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.
10. To the world you may just be somebody.......but to somebody you may just be the world.

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