Friday, January 17, 2014

No more teenagers

Baby Peter in early 1994
It’s a milestone day for our family as my last nephew Peter turns 20 today, and so there will be no more teenagers in my family. He was of course born on January 17, 1994 and I baptized him a few weeks later in his home parish at Birkirkara. Peter grew up to be a very smart, friendly, happy-go-lucky, fairly independent type of person, with a charming personality that endears him with everybody who meets him . 
In 2008, myself, Julian Jr, Peter and my brother Marcel
He looks up to his older brother Julian to such an extent that he will be following the same career, having started medical school last September. And I presume he may be going through some tough exams already at this time, and so there won’t be much time for him to celebrate his passing from a teenager to an adult. And yet another milestone will be reached on January 25 when his father, my brother Marcel will turn 50, and so no more quadragenarians in our family. But such is life. Time waits for no one. Happy Birthday Peter.
Julian and Peter in 2010, both still teenagers

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