Saturday, August 3, 2013

A family wedding

A family wedding is taking place today in my home country of Malta, actually on the island of Gozo. The bride is Stephanie Portelli, a cousin of my nephews Julian and Peter, and since there are 10 cousins within a few years of each other, all of whom living in Gozo (except for Julian and Peter,) they grew up close to each other. Presently they are all in their early 20s and some of them still teenagers. Stephanie is getting married to Paul Sultana in the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary in Victoria. The picture above shows Stephanie on the right in a light blue dress with her sister Roberta on the left. My nephews Peter and Julian are in the middle, in the arms of Ronald McDonald at the McDonalds Airport Restaurant back around 1997.

This picture shows Stephanie with her cousins Julian on the right and Andrew on the left, photo taken probably in 1992. 

This picture shows Stephanie’s parents, Anna and William Portelli being married exactly 25 years ago, on August 27, 1988, celebrating their silver jubilee in a few weeks. On the left are my parents John and Mary, and on the right are my brother Marcel with his future wife Maria, a twin sister to Anna. Congratulations to all.

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